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Home Property Styling Covid Safe practices

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Home Property Styling takes its role within industry and the community seriously, consequently we have created a covid safe plan for our customers and staff, covering all our daily practises and procedures.

Home Property Styling has a NSW Government compliant Covid safe plan, trained our staff in the procedures of these work safe practises and have implemented these practises across our warehouses, sites and external locations (installations and collections).

All external locations are linked to a QR code specific to the property we are on, and the location will be deemed a temporary work site for Home Property Styling. We request that all trades, vendors and agents to sign into the location via the Service NSW check in function, if any are on site during an installation or collection.

The reality is, Home Property Styling staff operate alone on 95% of the sites that we attend, though in the event others are onsite, we operate within the guidelines of the NSW Government and our Home Property Stylings Covid Safe plan.

This plan will be with our staff and drivers, available for our clients to review upon request.

If further details are required, please do not hesitate to contact Home Property Styling for further details of our Covid Safe Plan, training, and safe work practices.

Wishing you all well

1300 214 986

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