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Partial Styling Is A Successful Solution

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What is a partial property style?

Partially styling a property for sale may be a consideration for vendors who do not require a complete property styling solution, as sometimes only certain areas of the property or individual rooms may need to be styled.

Further, some of our vendors existing furniture may be used for the partial property staging project, allowing for a more cost effective solution, to selling the property for its best price.

Lounge with cushion and throw beside side table and homewares home proerty styling

Other considerations when thinking of partial property styling may include

Is the vendor or tenant living in the property during the selling campaign?

It is common for Home Property Styling to provide beautiful furniture, linens and artwork, to work with a clients existing furniture. Our property stylists will use selected pieces to accent rooms and bring the home to life, without the inconvenience of emptying the property of all furniture. Typically, mattresses and ensembles would stay, suitable dining tables or lounges, though this is dependent on the age, condition and style of the vendors pieces. We will not sugar coat the situation, if we feel the existing furniture is not appropriate, we will say as much. Our objective is to achieve the highest sales price possible for our vendors.

Does every room in the home need to be staged?

No, not necessarily.

Fundamentally, the property staging should appeal to the broadest base of potential buyers as possible, whose first contact with the home is generally through the online listing. A limited selection of beautifully styled rooms, such as the lounge, dining, kitchen and a bedroom, presented in the marketing photographs, will give the property an edge over other similar properties on the market. Make no mistake, it is a popularity competition, and the winner gets the spoils.

Home Property Styling bedroom setting

Will I get the same results as full property staging?

Giving potential buyers a complete property staging picture to behold will always outperform a partially presented property, as the story is complete with a top and tail, allowing marketing pieces, online listings and brochures more depth in presentation.

That being said, a beautifully presented partially staged property will of course far exceed results achieved when presenting an empty home to the marketplace.

Does partial property styling work?

Yes, we have many testimonials and project photos of satisfied vendors projects, who have had their expectations exceeded upon conducting a partial staging campaign when selling property. Home Property Styling firmly believes in making the property staging process as simple and effective as possible, which includes using vendors furniture and homewares where possible.

The sales results achieved when partial staging a home for sale are directly related to how successfully your property stylist has utilised the pieces available to them.

Beautiful coffee table setting using timbers, books and homewares

At Home Property Styling, we have exclusive ranges of furniture and homewares available to us, ensuring beautiful, unique and site-specific outcomes, particularly when our partial styling service is used. With various styles available in our inventory, such as Hampton, Provincial, Coastal and Rustic/Country, Home Property Styling can seamlessly blend and combine our beautiful pieces into our vendors existing floorplans.

Our interior stylists will consult with vendors and agents, to agree on pieces that should stay and which should be stored, usually considering the age, style and quality. These pieces may include beds, dining tables or lounges which our stylists can blend with the chosen style for the property.

What is the process for a partial property style with Home Property Styling?

Home Property Styling is a partial staging expert and conducts many successful campaigns across The Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle for our happy vendors.

Our process is;

  • Contact Home Property Styling to discuss your property staging requirements.

  • At your convenience, a complimentary consultation will be conducted by a Senior Home Property Styling stylist, where the stylist consults the vendor and agent to develop the best strategy for the property. This will include discussions on style, layout, furniture, homewares, photography and overall street appeal.

  • Assistance will be provided on how to prepare the home for presentation, photography and also pre-open home. We will provide a checklist to refer to during the marketing campaign.

  • You will receive a detailed quote, containing consultation details and discussion notes, general checklist and the pricing.

  • Once the quote is accepted, Home Property Styling will consult with the vendor and agent to arrange the timing of installation.

  • Upon successful sale, Home Property Styling will arrange the collection of the staging furniture and wish vendors the very best for the next chapter of life.

Home sold with property styling

How much will partial property styling cost?

Each property is completely different to the next, as are the requirements of our vendors.

Home Property Styling interior stylists can have a huge impact on the presentation of a property with minimal pieces, such as bed linens, artwork and rugs completely transforming a rooms appearance.

With so many variables it is very difficult to provide an estimate without a complimentary consultation, though it can be assumed the price will be lower than the comparable full property styling price guide.

It may also be possible for our stylists to review the layout and requirements of the vendor by way of video conference, giving a guideline until consultation can take place.

Contact Home Property Styling to discuss the benefits of staging your home for sale.

1300 214 986

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