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Home Property Styling - Style Now Pay Later

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Are you looking to transform your property into an irresistible haven for potential buyers without the burden of upfront costs? Look no further than Home Property Styling's innovative "Style Now Pay Later" program. Our partnership with Style Flow allows property sellers to access our wide range of services with the flexibility of deferred payments.

Image of sold home and property styling
Property Styling Sells Homes

Unlock the Power of Property Styling

Property staging has consistently demonstrated its ability to yield exceptional results for sellers, time and time again. It's not just about making your property look good; it's about achieving a remarkable return on investment. Property staging accelerates the selling process by attracting more inquiries, maximizing your property's sales potential, and shortening the time it takes to secure a sale. It breathes new life into your sales and marketing campaign, making it a truly invaluable investment.

Comprehensive Services for Outstanding Results

Home Property Styling | Pay Later goes beyond just styling your property. It empowers vendors to enhance their homes further, thereby increasing their chances of securing the best possible price. Our services extend to renovations, painting, landscaping, and even removalist costs. We take pride in offering a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of transforming your property into a showpiece.

Our dedicated team will not only handle the design but also manage the entire project, coordinating with skilled tradespeople and services. This ensures that every aspect of your property aligns seamlessly with the captivating vision we've created.

Preserve Your Cashflow, Maximize Your Returns

Home Property Styling, in collaboration with Style Flow, is thrilled to present this unique opportunity to our valued vendors and agents. With our "Style Now Pay Later" program, you can conserve your personal cash flow while delivering outstanding marketing campaigns that fetch premium prices for your property. The best part? You won't need to make any payments until settlement, withdrawal from the market, or a generous 180 days after the project's commencement.

Ready to unlock the potential of your property? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Home Property Styling today.

Please feel free to enquire with Home Property Styling today.

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